Fire safety services in Adelaide

Take action and become fire safe!

At Australian Fire Services Pty Ltd our belief is that you can never be too safe.

Our thorough fire inspection services in Norwood will ensure that in the unlikely event of a fire, you will be able to safely and quickly evacuate all of your personnel and minimise property damage.


smoke detector on ceiling

A great plan needs great follow through. Our experienced technicians will be there to carry out installations that make your safety plan a reality.

The mark of a good fire protection design is that it is unobtrusive, easy to operate and won't get in the way of your everyday work flow. The staff at Australian Fire Services are taught how to operate fire protection systems in emergencies.


two firemen doing a fire exercise

The most important part of a fire safety project is the initial design phase. Our consultants at Australian Fire Services Pty Ltd work with you to understand the layout of your building and identify any potential risks. We also create evacuation plans and design emergency lighting systems. This detailed process can be carried out for new and existing buildings. Our safety technicians also have experience updating and replacing older systems that no longer meet safety regulations.


maintenance on your smoke detector

The right people to maintain your fire protection system are the people who installed it. We offer a specialised maintenance and repair service as part of our fire inspection services in Norwood.

Our team will identify faults and make sure that existing systems meet all the current health and safety guidelines.